Provincial Human Resource Management and Development Office Commitment to Service Excellence



  • Development, review, approval and implementation of PGBh Succession Plan and Employees’ Career Pathing Plan
  • Formulation/Completion of competency models per office/hospital
  • Formulation of competency profiles per position in every department/hospital
  • Conduct of Competency Assessment Review
  • Institutionalization and adoption of PGBh Competency Profiles per position
  • Updating and Institutionalization of Competency – based HRD Plan
  • In-house capacity-development training
  • Establishment of the PGBh Learning Center
  • Full implementation of the Strategic Performance Management System
  • Rewards and Recognition program
  • Continuous Moral Recovery Program
  • Human Resource Information System Enhancement Program
  1. Provision of additional modules/features in the HRIS
  2. Establishment of PHRMDO Gender and Development (GAD) Database


  • Recruitment and Selection services
  • Issuance of certifications
    a. Service Records
    b. Clearances
    c. Notice of Salary Adjustments
    d. Trainings
  • Payroll preparation
  • Leave processing
  • Review of Individual Performance Commitment and Review (IPCR) Targets and Ratings
  • Training Development and Management
  • HR Records Management
  • Pre-retirement services



“Coordination with other units under the Provincial Government and other Government Offices relative to personnel related matters”